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[Kalacakra Temple]

Kalacakra Temple Kalacakra Temple

The Kalacakra Temple was consecrated by Ven. Khensur Jhado Rinpoche (Namgyal Monastery former Abbot) in the year 2003 with the name Shambhala.
The Temple and the Centre are dedicate to the Peace Path and to the Preservation of Kalacakra Tantra and non-sectarian Tibetan Buddhism.
Kalacakra Statue was crafted in South India by skilful Nepali craftsmen under Khensur Jhado Rinpoche and Khube Rinpoche supervision the whole project took 4 years to complete;
The Statue is unique because the project process was based on preparing a Statue that could support practitioner in their practice, so special accuracy was dedicate from both Lamas.
The lotus is a circular shape with 8 main side petals, Deity arms and implements are harmoniously display and faces have each a different expression.
The Temple also display
accurate Kalacakra Thangkas
done for practice purpose that where painted at Namgyal Monastery and Dharamsala under
Ven. Khensur Jhado Rinpoche
The temple main entrance is surround by 12 Kalacakra Prayers Wheels representing the 12 Bhumi.