The Kalacakra Tantra Project
The Kalacakra Tantra Project

[The Kalacakra Tantra Project]

>>Northern Shambhala is a project dedicated to the Tantra of Kalacakra, the main aim is the preservation, study and practice, and to provide accurate translations of Sadhanas and Commentaries in pechya style for the practice of Kalacakra Tantra, and a series of iconography and practice books and documentary films, an archive of root texts and a series of special Thangkas and a Statue expressely made for practice purpose. The project is at care of expert practitioners and researchers and the kind supervision of ven. Khensur Jhado Rinpoche, which on 18 september 2003 with a Puja consecrated the project, the temple and the site by giving the name Northern Shambhala.

Kalacakra Tantra: a long and intensive journey into a peaceful Buddhadharma practice:

The project begin in 1999 by the effort of Ricky A. Swaczy who encouraged and developed in Italy the first Kalacakra Dharma activities to study this Tantra by launching a series of projects which included researches on the iconography, a new Italian translation of the Kalachakra Guru Yoga (Text composed by Ling Rinpoche under His Holiness XIV Dalai Lama instructions), and a program of teachings made possible by the kindness of Geshe Khube Rinpoche who create the conditions to invite in Italy the Namgyal Abbot Ven. Jhado Rinpoche who kindly accepted to taught in 2001 the Commentary on the Kalachakra Guru Yoga and in 2003 the Preparation to the Generation Stage and four Jenangs (Innate Kalacakra, Garuda Multicoloured, Vajravega and White Visvamata) relate to Kalacakra. At the time was estabhished and co-founded with Alessandro Bracci the Association ShriDhanyaKataka with the purpose of caring of accurate translations from root texts into english and italian languages; after leading for 3 years the Association and with Jhado Rinpoche blessing a new project was ready to born: Northern Shambhala, the International Centre for Studies and Retreats on Kalacakra Tantra.
From the first meeting the connection with Rinpoche la was very deep and, upon request, he accepted whit joy to supervise a publishing project on the Kalacakra Tantra.
The emphasis of a "visual approach" lead to the concept of a series of accurate iconography on Kalacakra wich is actually under project stage to realise a practice book rich on details of Kalacakra Deity description and the Kalacakra Channels and Wheel system. In support to the practice, Ricky A. Swaczy directed two important documentary films the first one Mantras and Mudras of Kalacakra, the second one the Practice of the Kalacakra Guru Yoga, both performed by Ven. Khensur Jhado Rinpoche.
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